Ballroom dancing has a strong presence in So You Think You Can Dance top 20


Profile ImageAt Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Eagan, we love So You Think You Can Dance. This past Monday night, they unveiled their top 10 boys and top 10 girls. In previous seasons, the top 20 has been heavily filled with contemporary dancers. But, this year, half of the top 10 girls and two of the top 10 boys are ballroom dancers. This makes me super excited for this season. I’m hopeful that more ballroom dancers will mean more ballroom routines. And you can never have too much ballroom dance on tv. (But I’m a little biased.)

Also, there is a hometown girl in the top 20. Madison Jordan, a contemporary dancer from Lake Elmo, wowed the judges. Tune in Monday nights to see how far Madison can go.

Here is the list for the top 10 girls and top 10 boys.

 The Girls

Anna Linstruth – hip hop
Ashley Sanchez – ballroom
Madison Jordan – contemporary from Lake Elmo
Mariah Russell – contemporary
Melany Mercedes – salsa
Nazz Sldryan – ballroom
Sofia Ghavami – ballroom
Sophie Pittman – contemporary
Stephanie Sosa – ballroom
Sumi Oshima – hip hop

 The Guys

Aleksandr Ostanin – tap
Bailey Munoz – hip hop
Benjamin Castro – contemporary
Brandon Talbott – contemporary ballet
Bryan “Clocks” Volozanin – hip hop
Eddie Hoyt – tap
Ezra Sosa – ballroom
Gino Cosculluela – contemporary
Nathan Cherry – hip hop
Vlad Kvartin – ballroom