Determining Your Partner’s Comfort Zone

As a follower, it can sometimes be terrifying to dance with a new partner. Will I be able to follow their lead? Will they try and lead me through a figure I’ve never done? It can get to the point where you are trying your hardest to keep up.

As the leader, part of our job is to lead our partners through a variety of steps to determine their “Comfort Zone.” The best way to do this is to start simple. Let them get used to your leading style. Once they seem comfortable, try a more complicated step. If they react negatively, keep it simple. Whereas, if they react positively, give them a few basic moves before trying another more complicated step. Avoid seeing panic in their eyes by finding their Comfort Zone. The more relaxed they are they more receptive they’ll be. And the more fun you’ll both have.

Do you need practice determining your partner’s Comfort Zone? Attending a Practice Party is the perfect time to try it out. The next party at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Eagan is Tuesday, August 27. Will you be there?