Learning Multiple Dances: Incorporating Animation and Control

Would like to learn how to Salsa? Or Swing? But aren’t really interested in other styles. You should know that learning one dance at a time is one of the slowest ways to learn how to dance. At Fred Astaire Dance Studio South Metro, we focus on multiple dances because an element/technique/etc. that you use in one can be extremely helpful to another. For instance, let’s look at Animation and Control.

Have you ever seen a stiff dancer? If so, the main technique missing is Animation. This is the main ingredient you learn and develop in Swing and Polka. Learning one or both will make all your dances look more natural.

Another important ingredient for good dancing is to know where you are at all times – or Control. You learn and develop more Control in the Rumba than in any other dance. Plus, the Rumba provides us with great music, and it will do wonders for your dancing.

Would you like to add Animation and Control into your dancing? Give us a call and let us show you how.