Learning Multiple Dances: Incorporating Sharpness and Posture

As instructors, we are told, “I only want to learn [insert dance here],” a staggering amount. We could teach you one dance at a time, but we’d be wasting your time and money. Learning one dance and then another once you’re comfortable with the first is one of the slowest ways to learn.

Let’s say you’re working on Tango, but it doesn’t look quite right. Maybe it’s missing its Sharpness. Adding Cha Cha can help with that. The speed of the steps and the styling of certain figures can help you learn and develop Sharpness, which can then be incorporated into your other dances.

But why should you learn Tango in the first place? They never play one. (Which is sad, but true.) Except the benefit to learning Tango is that it will help develop Posture. If the Lead is hunched over, then this will unbalance the Follow, making it difficult to execute certain figures. Once the Lead and Follow have learned proper Posture, they can take bigger steps, be more balanced (especially during turns), and move quicker, which makes every dance easier.

Would you like to add Sharpness into your dancing and improve your Posture while you’re doing it? Then contact Fred Astaire Dance Studio South Metro and let us show you how.