Twin Cities Instructors Vote on Their Favorite Dances

As a dance instructor, being asked to name your favorite style of dance is like picking a favorite child. But today, the staff at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Eagan is going to do just that.

From Chad

It changes constantly. This week… Tango. Because of the passion and mysteriousness of the music.

From Beth

My favorite dance right now would be Bolero.  I like the challenge that it can be danced different ways (change in elevation, more for competitions, or with latin motion, more for social).  It is also a very sensual and expressive dance.  It uses the whole body to express the feelings of the dancers.   Bolero has a smooth, floating appearance which can be contrasted by quick sharp movements  at other times.

Putting all these aspects together make it a challenging but beautiful dance to watch.

Stay tuned for favorite dance choices from the rest of the staff.

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