Want to learn how to dance fast? This is what you should do.

Want to learn how to dance ballroom? You might think that having private lessons with an instructor would be the quickest way, but that’s not entirely true. Yes, private lessons do give you the chance to move at your own pace and have personalized attention, but adding group classes and practice parties will help you learn even faster.

Group classes are an opportunity to try patterns and techniques that you haven’t covered in private lessons. It is also the fastest way to learn what your feet are doing during patterns; each pattern is broken down to show where the feet and body are moving. The classes might incorporate dances that aren’t part of your program but whose techniques translate directly. You will also meet other students who are on a similar dance journey. During group classes, we like to rotate partners. Dancing with one partner teaches you how to lead that specific person, but switching partners teaches you to lead anyone, which you can test at our practice parties.

What happens if you don’t take group classes? First, you’ll need more private lessons to cover the patterns and techniques you would have covered in group classes. Second, you won’t benefit from dancing with multiple partners. In private lessons, partners will try and help each other through patterns, which can be detrimental to your dancing. Whereas, when you are dancing with someone else, you can focus on you. Lastly, you won’t get to meet as many fellow students. It’ll be harder to build that community when you see a limited number of people.

Now, what about practice parties? You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.