Want to unwind from a stressful day? Trying dancing

After a terrible day at work, I wanted nothing more than to have my mind directed elsewhere. I could have gone home and watched Netflix or read, but it’s so easy to wallow in those feelings while doing that. Instead, I went to the dance studio. My happy place.

I would spend 40 minutes focusing on a new technique or figure and, when that time was up, I would feel so much better. You could say that it’s because I enjoy dancing (which is true), but another reason is actually scientific. Any type of physical activity releases endorphins, which help to relieve stress and make us perceive the world in a little brighter light.

A study done at the University of England compared a group who spent 6 weeks learning the tango to a group of non-dancers. Their findings? That the group of dancers had lower levels of depression and anxiety. The exercise, social interaction, and emotional expression helped to relieve those negative feelings.

Next time you’re having an off day, crank the music and dance! Or come in to the studio and let us help.