Why Dance Is The Best Workout

As dancers, we like to toot our own horns from time to time. When you’re passionate about your hobby, it’s easy to go on and on about how wonderful it is. But we have science to back up our claims about why dance is the best.

A study done by the University of Brighton shows that dancing burns about 600 calories per hour. That is equivalent to going swimming or running for the same amount of time. Now, not all dances are equal in terms of calories burned. A lively cha cha is going to push your body more than a leisurely two-step. But researchers say that some of the slower styles of dance can burn approximately the same number of calories as cycling.

What does dance have that other exercises don’t? While dancing, you are constantly accelerating and decelerating, changing directions, and pushing your body in a way that running on the treadmill never will. Dancing also focuses on muscles that other exercises won’t. All those little muscles that you didn’t know existed until you danced get strengthened.

Dance also has the benefit of reducing stress, increasing your social circle, boosting confidence, enhancing communication skills, improving memory, and counteracting sadness and anxiety.

Why wouldn’t you choose dance?