Why did you start dancing? Two of our students tell their story.

Do you want to take ballroom dance lessons but haven’t? I asked our students when and why they started taking lessons at Fred Astaire. Here are two of their answers:

“I started taking lessons in November 1999. My girlfriend had been taking lessons that she bid on at a fund raiser. She set up group classes for our church singles group to participate in. I had taken a ballroom dance class in college and then done some country dancing. I realized how much I missed ballroom dancing; I had been waiting to find a partner to take lessons with. I realized I could take lessons on my own.” – Cindy

“We started taking lessons at Fred Astaire about six years ago.  Before that we had taken some community ed classes and had reached the limit of what we could learn there.  It has been a goal of ours since we were dating to dance.  We did some ballroom dancing at the University of Minnesota when we were dating and Philip was in graduate school there.  After we were married we did folk dancing at Tapestry.  After we moved to Ely we took some ballroom dance through community ed a couple of times but there wasn’t opportunities to keep dancing.  When we moved back to the Twin Cities we set a goal to learn to dance and started with the community ed classes [and then moved on to lessons at Fred Astaire].” – Cynthia

At Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Eagan, our goal is to give you an energetic, non-judgmental space to learn to dance. If that sounds like the perfect combination to you, give us a call and we’ll help you get started.