Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolution

Dancing offers opportunities to improve many areas of life, including the body, mind, mood and personal and social relationships. Keep dancing, and you’ll be well on your way to checking these resolutions off your list!

1 – Lose Weight

Exercise need not be restricted to the confines of a gym! Ballroom dancing is much more than just gliding around the dance floor. Dancing continuously for 30 minutes burns 200 – 500 calories, which is the same as walking, swimming, or cycling. By improving cardiovascular health, dancing may also lower some risks associated with being overweight. It’s been said that if you want to see a real workout, just watch a dancer practice… So trade in your walking shoes for dance shoes, and dance your way into a smaller dress or pant size!


2 – Reduce Stress

It’s called a “happy dance” for a reason! Dancing is a fun, energizing and effective way to relieve stress and anxiety. The rush of mood-improving endorphin that dancing releases means that raising the roof can elevate your mental state. Just one lively dance session can send a case of the blues a-packing. Furthermore, partner dancing leads to stronger social bonds, a key factor in good mental health.


3 – Make New Friends

Studio social dances, outside events, regional and national competitions…every which way you turn there are new Fred Astaire friendships to be made and existing ones to enjoy.


4 – Get Fit

Enhanced muscle tone, strength, stamina, balance and posture – all of these amazing physical benefits are reaped during your dance lessons and routines, which are really full body workouts.


5 – Gain Confidence

This is the year to banish anxiety and apprehension! Dancing increases self confidence and self esteem by providing an outlet for self expression and the opportunity to learn something new and fun. Dancing helps you learn to stop making comparisons and dance your own dance!


6 – Set And Achieve Goals

The Fred Astaire Trophy System is the perfect vehicle to set a series of goals and knock them out one by one, giving you the satisfaction and self-esteem that comes from accomplishment. This year, resolve to feel confident on any dance floor, to any music with any partner!


7 – Learn Something New

If you’re a new student, the horizon is wide open to pick up skills such as balance, control, rhythm and coordination. If you’re farther along in your dance journey, there’s still plenty of new ground to cover with expression and emotion. We recommend attending Fred Astaire competitions to observe and learn from dancers who are at a higher level than yourself.


8 – Spend More Time With My Honey

Whether you’re soon to be married, reconnecting in the empty nest, or anywhere in between, dancing together, your eyes meet, your bodies are close together, you feel one another breathing and you hold and touch each other for longer than a quick hug. You’ll work as a team, engaging in a fun activity that actually improves communication.


9 – Travel

Whether you want to  travel close to home, across the country or even overseas, there are lots of new opportunities for Fred Astaire dance adventure.


10 – Improve My Memory

The science stands behind it: dancing improves brain function on a number of levels – particularly memory. Dancing is the best exercise to improve cognitive skills at any age. For senior citizens in particular, 76% of those studied who danced frequently exhibited fewer signs of dementia compared to those who did crossword puzzles and read often.