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Student reviews:

” We’ve had tremendously patient instructors from day one.  We both had several left feet when we started, after a few months we have progressed to social foundation and feel we can move around the dance floor with form, confidence, and we look like we know what we’re doing” Joe & Deb D. ( Manchester, CT )

Learning to ballroom dance at Fred Astaire has challenged me and change me into a confident and a person who feels better and better with each lesson. Instructors challenge and care about the students’ progress. Too much fun!” N.F.

“… make dancing lessons so much fun! They really believe and love what they do – very contagious!” J.C.

“Ballroom dancing has opened a whole new world for us as a couple. It has given us an activity to do together anywhere we travel, besides being eye candy at any social event. Fred Astaire is an easy, fun curriculum with skilled instructors at every level – beginner to the max ” Molly F. ( Ellington, CT )

Instructors are amazing to work with, very helpful and knowledgeable!

” My husband and I have a new favorite activity thanks to the wonderful experiences we have at Fred Astaire in South Windsor.  They really know how to have fun and make learning a blast!”  J.

” The instructors are so passionate about dance and really make us feel comfortable when learning all the new steps”.

“One of my favorite parts of my wedding was our first dance 🙂 Nicole at Fred Astaire in South Windsor made my two left feet do remarkable things! We did a combination Foxtrot, Rumba and Swing – with a dip and a kiss 🙂 It was so much fun! I highly recommend them!” Anna R.

” We came to the studio to learn social dances for my daughter’s wedding and quickly fell in love with the enjoyment of dancing because of the talent of the instructors who make dancing fun and easy”!

” The patience and encouragement from all the instructors at the studio during our lessons has given me and my husband a new favorite activity to share ~ dancing!”

“Fantastic instruction and social atmosphere. They make it easy to learn!”

“I never knew learning how to ballroom dance would be so easy and so much fun! The instructors are fabulous.  They are very passionate about their art and easily transform their love for dance to novice dancers”.

 “I have been dancing at South Windsor Fred Astaire Dance Studio for the past seven years. Since the new owners Paulo and Christian took over in 2013, the place is awesome, it has been renovated, the new instructors are very talented and friendly. My dancing has improved so much, I have stepped up to a higher level of ballroom dancing and love to compete! My instructor is amazing and we have a great partnership . I also want to mention how much fun the dance parties are on Friday night. It’s a great time to dance and meet people!”  Shirley J. ( Unionville, CT )

“We learned so much! Thank you to all who helped us pull off a awesome 1st dance & salsa dance for our wedding!”  Melissa B. ( South Windsor, CT )

“From the teaching to the atmosphere this place is the best!  You might be shy you might have two left feet don’t worry they will find a way to teach you, with a big smile on their face.  They will make stronger from inside out. More confident. And you will love them and the dance  
So come on down I would love to dance with you 🙂  Started dancing in May last year and I am hooked!!” Monika S. ( Windsor, CT )

“The South Windsor Fred Astaire studio has not just taught me to dance, it has introduced me to the love of dancing. Starting as a novice a year and a half ago, I had no idea what to expect. Now dancing has become a joy in my life. I look forward to lessons as a stress release. No matter how challenging the lesson, I enjoy each new step.” Kevin M. ( South Windsor, CT )

“I love the way they teach dance…very friendly instructors.” Anupan Z. ( Manchester, CT )

“I have danced at other studios and the staff here at FADS South Windsor are some of the friendliest I have had the pleasure,of dancing with. While I had fun dancing before, coming to South Windsor and dancing with my new instructor has ignited a true passion for ballroom that I did not have before and I credit the AMAZING staff (especially my instructor, Vladimir) with helping me to find that passion… I look forward to many years of dancing to come here” Liz H. ( Vernon, CT )

“Dance has given me a new sense of accomplishment and joy. It also has increased my fitness and challenges my mind. With every lesson, I feel empowered!” Sharyn M. ( Moodus, CT )

” Our First lesson were a Christmas gift from my husband; he wanted something we could do together. We have enjoyed our time at Fred Astaire and look forward to continuing our lessons.” L.H.

I was delighted to share this with my bride, Donna. At our age it’s a joy to exercise together and have fun. As time goes on, our instructor, “The great Ivana” has proven to increase our confidence. She is truly gifted as a dancer, but her greatest gift is compassion, patience and sharing her happiness with us when we finally get our dances in order.” Bill M. ( South Windsor, CT )