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Fred Astaire Southbury:

“There is no better feeling than when you are in the arms of someone special, you learn a new move from a caring professional instructor. This location has become a welcome retreat for us and all it’s staff is like our extended family.”  Sammi P. ( Southbury, CT )

“I have been with the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Southbury, CT , for a number of months now. I am extremely happy considering the fantastic dance lessons I have been receiving. The instructors are so very knowledgeable about a huge variety of dances on different levels, from simple to a higher level. I have been in their annual contest which was wonderful and I’m looking forward to being in their next one.”  Lilian W. ( Southbury )

“Christian, Paulo, Annie, Chris and the entire staff are so professional and courteous. The knowledge of swing, waltz, salsa etc…is amazing.
The Friday night parties are so much fun.”  Archie H. ( Southbury, CT )

“ Since starting dance in January, my life has changed. I am aware of music, beats, life and I am happy that Christian Lange and Paulo Jorge have done an outstanding job in getting me engaged in life and happiness. Cha Cha Cha! “  Rose C. ( Southbury)

“I competed in the August competition in Smooth, which is the Tango, Fox Trot, Waltz, and Viennese Waltz. It was one of the best times I have had! While doing your best and receiving strong scores is certainly part of any healthy competition, with our team it remains fun, light-hearted, and friendly. We all support each other and cheer one another on with real enthusiasm. We eat together and celebrate together as much as possible. The whole event is so exciting and full of great energy. It is so much fun and I find it so fulfilling to challenge myself and make amazing new friends along the way!”  Karen M. ( Southbury, CT )

“My experience was totally unexpected, I’ve learned to dance but I really expected to give up. Everyone was so nice and encouraging, always making the experience a positive one. For anyone who is hesitant to give it a try; I never thought I would be able to dance base on my age, occupation ( Construction flooring ) and physical shape, I did it and so should you. Mark G. ( Terryville, CT )

“Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we could have so much fun competing in the 47th Colonial Classic Fred Astaire Competition. Not only did the professional dance staff at Fred Astaire Southbury fully prepare us for the event, they made the whole experience truly memorable and unique. We really had a great time and Fred Astaire Southbury rocks!”  Kim T. ( Oxford, CT )

“If you want the BEST stop looking and come in for a lesson! The moment you walk through the doors of Fred Astaire in Southbury  you are greeted by an excellent team of office staff and top notch instructors. Christian Lange and Paulo Jorge create an atmosphere that makes you feel at home. My daughter has been dancing there for 2 years and they are supportive of her in and out of the studio. I highly recommend this studio for the BEST ballroom dance experience!” Fatima D. ( Wolcott, CT )

“I’m so glad that I’m taking dance lessons here at Southbury Fred Astaire Dance Studio. My brother-in-law Mark & sister-in-law Beth introduced me to ballroom dancing and I’m enjoying so much. It is good exercise and so is the social aspect of it. I can’t say enough about how great all the instructors are. They all make you feel so at home and comfortable, and to me that means a lot. My instructor Vladimir is the best. If you like dancing, this is the place to come”. Karen G. ( Terryville, CT )

“I originally signed up to take lessons with my boyfriend for my daughters wedding. I wanted to be able to dance with confidence and enjoy her special day. We immediately knew that we chose the right studio and were hooked on Ballroom Dancing.. Weather you are looking to take lessons to social dance or have a dance choreographed for the special occasion, you will not be disappointed coming here. The instructors are very Professional. We like to go to their Dance Party’s every Friday night. We always have fun and felt welcomed by the staff and the other students at the studio. We started taking lessons in October of 2014, my only regret is that I didn’t do this earlier in my life. I find it beneficial for my mind and my body. I will be entering my first competition in August of 2017 just to challenge myself.” Linda L. ( Plymouth, CT )

“My new husband and I took dance lessons for our first dance- we started out with no knowledge and ended our classes with a beautiful first dance. The entire staff was always inviting and sociable, but our teacher Amanda was one of the most amazing dance teachers ever – she was always kind, energetic, patient, and knowledgable. We can not thank her enough for helping us make this time in our life one of the most memorable. Thank you!” Marc and Becky O. ( Thomaston, CT )

“I somewhat reluctantly let my wife talk me into signing up for some introductory Ballroom Dancing lessons at the Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Southbury, CT this past August. We are now 5 months in and we are both hooked for life and loving it! We are doing the Tango, Salsa, Foxtrot, Rumba, Merengue, Cha Cha, Mambo, Swing, Hustle, Waltz, Samba and more. The instructors are some of the most professional, fun and friendly people I’ve ever met. My only regret is that we didn’t sign up sooner! I highly recommend these guys!” Robert L. ( Danbury, CT )

“This journey of dance is definitely not what I ever pictured myself doing. My wife and I will be empty nester sooner than later, we don’t golf, I fish, she doesn’t, this is something we can do together and enjoy. Yes I am enjoying this. Talk about being outside ” The Box” OMG. It’s challenging, It is fun and we do it together. This journey continues for this old Padawan.” Mark S. ( Southbury, CT )

“I discovered ballroom dance at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Southbury three years ago and my life has changed in the most fabulous way. Christian and Paulo, the owners are passionate about dance and their student’s desire to dance. The instructors here are some of the best in New England. The studio is fun and dynamic. The dance parties on Friday are great !! The studio is beautiful and the people I have met here will be lifelong friends. I positively recommend Fred Astaire Southbury as a place to learn the thrill of Ballroom dancing !!” Susan H. ( Newtown, CT )

“If you want to feel younger than you are, check out Southbury’s premiere location for instruction in ballroom dancing. Exceptionally talented and friendly staff will male you feel right at home.
I’ve been taking classes there since they opened in 2012 and aside from having lots of fun, learning a variety of steps, I have experienced and improvement in posture, physical stamina, balance, and cholesterol levels. Dancing really benefits your body and mind and lifts your spirits. It’s another way of interacting with your fellow human beings and you might make new friends along the way.” Mieke C. ( Southbury, CT )

“Dancing at Fred Astaire studio in Southbury is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The owners are passionate about dancing and I have become a champion because of Christian’s amazing teaching skills, patience and understanding of what I need to dance and perform! Being at the studio and interacting with everyone is such a positive and uplifting time!” Shirley J. ( Unionville, CT )

“Friendly, fun, yet very professional, the instructors here are outstanding. You will not only improve your dancing at every level, you will love doing it.” Kevin M. ( South Windsor, CT )

“I have taken classes at many different studios, and I am happy to say that this is my favorite one! My skill level has improved exponentially since I started taking classes at Southbury Fred Astaire Dance Studio, and I am forever grateful to the teachers.” Consuelo M. ( Southbury, CT )

“My husband and I came to the studio a year and a half ago looking for a hobby we could do together and a way to build a social life after we moved back to Connecticut three years ago. We had no idea how much we would learn in such a short time and how much we would enjoy taking lessons in Fred Astaire Southbury. The instructors are superb and the friends we have made there are now our friends outside the studio. Needless to say we are totally at home there.” Jane S. (Southbury, CT)

“There are so many words that come to mind when I think of the instructors and owners of Fred Astaire Southbury… genuine, thorough, experienced, friendly, etc. you will be the center of everything and they will make sure to revolve your lessons around you. Amanda, Vladimir, Christian and Paulo are amazing and I am so very thankful that they have come into my life. I am always learning something new and have so much fun at same time. Beth G ( Terryville, CT )

“Great people, professional and personable staff. Always a good time.” April B. ( Waterbury, CT )

“Before I took ballroom dance classes, I thought there were just two kinds of dances: slow (rock back and forth holding a partner) and fast (freestyle), I now know steps is many dances: cha Cha, rumba, tango, foxtrot, swing, waltz, viennese waltz, merengue, and hustle. Ballroom dancing is very social and enjoyable; learning new steps and styling techniques gives the student a feeling of accomplishment. The Fred Astaire Southbury instructors are very qualified… and very patient. The only downside of ballroom dancing is that private lessons and competitions are very expensive and not affordable for many people.” Mary C. ( Middlebury, CT )

“I wish I could give them 10 stars. This studio is awesome, the owners and the staff are awesome, they treat u like family. I have been dancing there for 3 years now. I left another studio and came to Fred astaire Southbury.  The staff are friendly and very welcoming” . Danielle L. ( Watertown, CT )

“Little story 2 and a half years ago my girlfriend tells me she wants to take dance lessons for her daughters wedding so I agreed. it was only for 9 months once a week and then done. Well it has gone much longer and that’s because how much fun it is and how much fun we have. Ballroom dance is very challenging with it’s assorted types of dancing and all the steps that go with it. Fred Astaire in Southbury has the best staff to teach you these dances and I highly recommend them.” Bill F. ( Plymouth, CT )