Things To Thank Your Dance Teacher For

Once a year we celebrate  Dance Teacher Appreciation week. But there are many  reasons to thank your teachers for everything they do all year long

Making  personal sacrifices to be here.

In the dance world, many teachers have traveled from far and wide to come here and teach. They may have left friends and family behind to work here and had to make adjustments to a new way of life in their living arrangements, cultural orientation and  general lifestyle. And yet when they are with their students their professionalism shines though any obstacles they have had to overcome.   

Inspiring you at every turn.

Your instructors have had an immense impact on many lives, teaching dance skills, imparting advice and lending emotional support. They will challenge you when you doubt your own ability and demonstrate at every opportunity that you can accomplish more than than you ever dreamed. No one can instill confidence in your dance training better than a teacher who believes in you and dance teachers have unwavering faith in each and every student no matter their level of learning.   

Being there at an important time in your life.

So many people start dancing  when they’ve reached a crossroads in their life:  before a wedding or after a divorce; when they experience empty nest syndrome; or just because they want to make a positive change in their life. You will find that teachers are experienced in helping you navigate those life passages through the joy of dance and with great sensitivity. They can provide a home away from home by embracing you into their dance family.

Working hard to be better dancers and teachers.

Teachers have an unwavering love for dance and want nothing more than to share that passion with their students. They do that by continually developing and improving their their own teaching skills, putting in hours of practice and training. They know that the better they are as  instructors the  more successful you will be as a student. You benefit not only from your own hard work but from theirs as well.

Dance teachers are many things – artists, performers,  athletes, educators and caring human beings. They deserve our acknowledgement and our heartfelt thanks each every day of the year.