Antonio Zuquilanda

Dance Instructor Southbury CT

Born in Ecuador, Antonio began dancing at early age of eight and soon start to compete professionally when he was still a teenager, gaining  victorious results and becoming twice Ecuador national champion in 2013 and 2017 and Latin American champion in 2014. Antonio was recognized by the the Ecuadorean DanceSport Federation as a High-Performance Athlete, participating in multiple international competitions, representing the country. He also participated as a professional dancer in television programs such as The X factor in 2015.

Antonio has trained with several world-renowned trainers like Dirk Heidermann, Latchezar Kroumov and Siret Sillak.

Because of his well-rounded background, learning to dance with Antonio is an enriching experience.  You will become adept at form and  technique and develop an enhanced sense of rhythm and movement. You’ll also have a lot of fun.

Antonio’s favorite dances are Cha-cha-cha and Foxtrot, since the music of these dances helps him express how he feels when dancing, he also enjoys other sports such as tennis, squash, horse riding, kickboxing, amongst others. He loves old music and movies, mainly from the 80s.