Paulo Jorge

Paulo Ricardo Jorge

Paulo hails from southern Brazil with its brilliant colors and exquisite beaches. Here he developed a lively passion for beauty and culture, and a natural born hospitality, all richly enhanced by his Italian lineage.

As a result, he brings a wealth of talents to the studio. Paulo is a gifted professional photographer and has exhibited his work in many galleries. He also excels at interior design.  In designing  Southbury Fred Astaire, he has set a new standard for luxury in a dance studio. He has created an atmosphere that embraces elegance yet caters to the students’ every comfort.

Whether he is planning a Friday night dance party, special event or monthly theme, Paulo’s eye for refinement and flair for presentation is evident in every last detail.
In addition, he’s keen business skills, developed when he worked as an executive in bank management, cover the spectrum of administrative abilities
and strategic planning, keeping everything running smoothly at the studio.

In true “Brazilian style,” he makes all his visitors feel warm and welcome.  Ask anyone who shares a dance or engages him in conversation and they will tell you, he makes sure your time is an unforgettably enjoyable experience.