Thommy Huber

Thommy was brought up in a dancing family. In 1927, his grandparents started the first dance studio in his home town of Kempten, in the south of Germany. He has been self-employed in his “dream job” as a dance instructor for over 30 years and worked for 18 years as a full time employee in the family business. As a result, he has acquired the extensive experience of both his parents and grandparents. He has taught more than 10.000 students how to dance in the international style, as well as tap dancing and has also created countless dance shows and formations. In 2004, he took over the management of the dance studio and had the opportunity to restructure courses and develop new ideas. Many dancers have followed his lead for nearly three decades as he developed as an instructor and embraced new dancing styles. In 2012 the management of the dance school was transitioned gradually to his daughter, allowing him to retire from the every day management and activities to create the space for him to take on new experiences in his career and his life. He’s fascinated with the American Style and is impressed with the unique way of learning how to dance at a Fred Astaire Dance Studio. He feels it is a wonderful experience for himself and any student. He looks forward to welcoming you in the studio.