Vlad – Instructor

Vlad was born in the city of Orel in Russia. Since childhood, he has loved ballroom dancing and participating in dance competitions. When he became a teenager his parents moved to Moscow to get access to international coaches. He traveled all over the world representing Russia and dancing in China, Netherlands, France, England, Italy and Israel.

Some of his top accolades include:

  • World Ten Dance Champion in 2015 and 2016
  • Italian Under 16 Open Ten Dance Champion
  • WDC AL Open European Champion
  • Russian Team Captain at Blackpool, England
  • Russian RTS Youth Ten Dance Champion 
  • Russian Representative to Blackpool England

After splitting with his last partner, he decided to take his success to the other side of the world. While representing the United States, Vlad has won championships all over the United States as well as competed at the renown Blackpool Dance Festival. He has also been featured on Fox’s hit show, So You Think You Can Dance, this past season, season 15. Now in Connecticut, Vlad shares his passion for ballroom dancing with all ages and he enjoys traveling to represent his new home, America.