Why Ballroom Dancing Is A Great Sport For Your Child

Everyone shudders when they remember coming of age. Awkward, gangly, and self-conscious are just a few words one might use to describe growing up. However, not all children experience all of these things. While certain feelings of self-doubt are inescapable, certain downsides to growing up can be avoided with the right extracurricular training.

For instance, posture. Children who do ballroom dance never slouch, because their training forces them to be upright. Not only does it make their muscles remember how to stand, but they’ll want to stand tall when they know they have an art that fuels them. As all of our team members who danced as children know, dance gave them confidence to hold their heads high even in childhood when nothing is certain.

Not to be overly cliche, but dancing also keeps kids out of trouble. We don’t mean this in the sense that “forcing your kids to be in one place will force them not to be somewhere else.” On the contrary, your kids will have no interest in getting into trouble when they have an activity that they truly care about. Many professional dancers attest to this. They made sacrifices for the art of dance. They skipped parties where their  friends got in trouble, and instead learned how to balance a full schedule of schoolwork, an artform that keeps their creative sides fulfilled, and everything else life offers.

One last benefit of ballroom dancing specifically pertains to those years that teens can’t seem to act normal around the opposite sex. Ballroom dancing normalizes interacting with your dance partner in a platonic way. This skill will allow your blossoming teens to show confidence and poise in all aspects of life, especially where they might’ve been shy before. By constructively working with someone of the opposite sex towards a goal, children learn early on how to work well with others and how not to be afraid of discourse.