The Best Activity To Do this Father’s Day

Want to add something special to Father’s Day this year for you and the Fathers in your life? We have many young women bring their fathers and their husbands in for our introductory special here at Fred Astaire’s at St.Pete Central! Ballroom dancing can be a fun way to bond with your loved one in a low stress activity. Not only that, but it is also great exercise.

If you’re married, you probably danced with your father at your wedding. Don’t let that be the only reason you and your old man go for a few spins around the floor! If you haven’t had this special moment with your father at all yet, then there is no better time than now.

If you’re celebrating Father’s day with the father of your children, then that is an even better reason to come in. Learn the romantic and tender dances that you can do with your man any time at home. Not only that, but dancing could even become a regular date-night activity for the both of you.

If you and the father in your life are foodies, learn the salsa! That way, you can continue to go out dancing socially together and grab great food in downtown Ybor before or after the salsa social.

If you and the father in your life love to travel togher, learn the rumba! Rumba is slow and easy to do, and is also very versatile. Whether you travel down south to the islands for some tropical therapy, or whether you’d rather travel across the pond for some English Tea, the rumba can be danced in almost any setting.

Dancing is like a language; once you speak it, you can use it anywhere someone else speaks it. If you learn it with someone you love, that’s even better. Why not learn to dance like nobody’s watching?.

Happy Early Father’s Day from Fred Astaire St.Pete Central!