Consider This When Planning Your Wedding Dance

Written by: Heidi

That special first dance between the bride and groom is more than just steps on a dance floor.

For one, it’s symbolic of two moving as one, uniting and merging in a display of beauty and grace. It also heralds the joining of two families as those closest to the bride and groom also take to the dance floor.

Whether you are dreaming of a traditional wedding or a unique celebration to match your personalities, we’ll help you choose the perfect dance for your first spin around the dance floor!

Why You Should Have a First Dance:

  • Sets the mood for the rest of the reception
  • Allows the couple a creative outlet to reflect who they are as a couple- usually the song is meaningful for both and this lets them emote as they dance.

First: Remember What Matters

  • This is your time to celebrate who you are as a new couple. This dance should be uplifting and easy enough so that you won’t be worried about forgetting the steps! Going to a professional instructor to help you allows them to gauge your level of experience in dance as well as to flatter you in reflection to that.

Second: Decide Whether to be Serious or Silly!

  • More serious wedding dances can have more intricate and beautiful choreography. These will typically take professional coaching, and some practice before the performance. Traditionally, waltz is the go-to!
  • Sillier dances include the typical “start-serious-then-bust-out-the-sunglasses” type of dances. If this fits you more, it’s totally okay! Some people feel that they’re never that serious- so why be serious at their wedding? Your wedding is YOUR day. These dances tend to have very different choreography, and tend to be funnier rather than sentimental.
  • Reflect on who you are as a couple- this dance can be whatever you want it to be.

To learn more about how you can perfect the wedding dance that fits you, see our page on wedding dances or call the studio (727-493-5147) to book a lesson! Our instructors are experts in these dances and will hold your hand on the journey to the perfect dance for you and your future spouse!