How To Pick A Style Of Dance That Matches Your Personality

“Will it be American or International style?” This is a question everyone is asked when they decide to take their dancing more seriously. Taking more dance lessons will propel you past the point of learning the social dances, and allow you to focus on technique and specific styles.

As you might imagine, American style is more popular in America. There are also more couples dancing American style in competitions, so it is harder to win first place. However, since the timing is easier to understand students also find themselves practicing more fun and elaborate choreography much quicker.

American style is separated into two sub-categories of dances: smooth and rhythm. Smooth style consists of waltz, foxtrot, tango, and viennese waltz. Rhythm, on the other hand, has dances like rumba, cha cha, east coast swing, bolero, and mambo. These categories are very different, however they offer a lot of diversity for dancers to decide which dances they prefer.

It is very common to find a spunky couple who prefer quick and exciting rhythm dances, while a more reserved couple might prefer to dance a beautiful and graceful waltz instead. This is where personal preference comes into play! Many students never want to choose, and instead opt to learn all dances. This is the safest bet because as your mood changes, so will your prefered dancing style!