Around The World Spotlight

We transformed the studio to successfully host our 2018 spotlight on Saturday, September 15th and it was a huge success! Our Around The World Spotlight featured our amazing students performing choreographed routines. Exhibitions provide our students with another way to dance in the studio and apply everything they have learned, helping them create and form a “dance personality.” Our exhibition programs can be used in connection with any of our Trophy Programs. This is one of the many reasons Fred Astaire Dance Studios stand out from the competition. One of the best aspects of ballroom dancing is its ability to bring people together in a fun, welcoming social setting. Every opportunity to dance helps boost confidence both on and off the dance floor – check out all of the smiles below.

Congratulations to Catherine Johnston, Lauren Rosales, Ruth Elliott, Matt Rosales, Sarah Hoerber, Xavier Dominguez and all of the attendees!