Dance Into The New Year With Fred Astaire St. Pete North!

We all look forward to the New Year as a time for a fresh start, a change of habits, a clean slate. We make resolutions. Oh, boy! We make resolutions.

Usually they involve losing weight, getting in better shapes, doing something for our health and mental outlook.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio St. Pete North is the perfect place for you to begin realizing real change in your life and the goal of a new you! We offer so much, far more than just the pleasure of dance.

Dance has so many physical, mental, and emotional benefits! Fred Astaire St. Pete North is a welcoming family; we are supportive of one another and 100% non-judgmental. We try to help each other accomplish their aims. We socialize at studio dance parties, we go to competitions to support our fellow students and staff, we do benefits in the community and we strive to be just a little bit better than before.

Remember, ballroom dancing can be great exercise in a low-stress environment. You want to drop a few holiday pounds? Want to make a few new friends? Dance! Supplement your private lessons with group classes and practice parties; get to know your dance family and watch the pounds fade away.

New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep. Gyms are packed for the month of January and then they empty out again. Be part of the crowd that actually creates change in their lives. Contact us today to ignite your dance passion. Happy New Year from your Fred Astaire St. Pete North dance studio!