Dance Is For The Whole Family; Here’s Proof!

Too often we see this not-so-pretty picture: A family gathered around the dinner table, or in a restaurant, all with their heads down. Bowed in prayer? No. Staring at their smartphones.

There is no eye contact. No communication. No interaction.

We at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of St. Pete North promote togetherness, closeness and a family atmosphere – especially for families. And families that dance together develop warmer, tighter bonds and engage each other with smiles on their faces.

Consider the Rosales family – proud studio members. They all dance. And they have a blast. Meet Jason Rosales (dad), Laura Rosales (mom), Matthew (12) and Lauren (14), and Mary Arubes (Jason’s mom).

We think more families should be like this, with an activity that all love and enjoy.  They have something in common – a passion for dance. What better way to connect with your kids than having the same hobby during such a crucial and formative time in their lives?

Build family relationships. Get in better shape. Enjoy a family activity that bolsters confidence and social skills.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio of St. Pete North can accommodate your family with group ballroom dance classes or private ballroom dance lessons in any style of dance – salsa, cha-cha, waltz, Paso Doble, swing. You name it, we teach it.

Come on in. And bring the family.