Come Learn To Dance with Exceeding Grace Church!

Guest Party (3)We always talk about the family feel of a Fred Astaire Dance Studio and how it can be a home away from home for our students.

We feel the same way about our community. We want it to feel like a home to all – a welcoming place where people extend the hand of friendship.

So on Friday, May 5, we will have a guest party with Exceeding Grace Christian Center in St. Petersburg at our studio. We would like to introduce more young people to dance, so that they can find a hobby and an artistic outlet.

You can find out more about Exceeding Grace by going to the website:

The group starts at 7 p.m. and it will continue until 9pm. We will have snacks and lots of fun. Everyone is invited to take part.

Join us as we welcome our friends from Exceeding Grace Christian Center and help us spread the good word about dance and all of its positive values.

You’ll be glad you did.