Understanding the Fred Astaire Teaching Method and Trophy System

The Fred Astaire Trophy System is a unique method of dance and teaching instruction, and an exciting way to gauge progress. It gives students a fun way to meet new goals and incentives while learning how to dance! 

Whether you are looking to become a confident social dancer or a national competitor, our unique method of dance instruction is an exciting way for you to measure your dance progress and achieve your dancing goals.

Approved by the National Dance Council of America (NDCA) and designed by Fred Astaire National Dance Council, the Fred Astaire Trophy System defines various levels of accomplishment in dance.

Basic Level – Beginners Program

All beginner students start with a basic package of lessons designed for the novice dancer. As you can imagine, this level is all about learning the basic steps in the basic dances. Once that is accomplished, you are on your way to becoming a good dancer.

Social Foundation Program

You may or may not realize that knowing lots of steps does not make a good dancer. What is actually important is how you move your body across the floor, and Social Foundation is where we start the process of learning how dancing really works. At this level we add more steps in the various dances chosen by our students, but the most important addition is learning about leading and following so that you are able to dance with different people or make your way around a crowded floor.

Bronze Program

A good dancer knows how to move the body and this level is all about learning the techniques which make that happen. The Bronze material is designed to make our students look good on the floor, feel good to their partner, and feel good about their own dancing. A clearer understanding of technique and more ability on the dance floor helps develop a person’s dance and personal confidence. Once a student knows all of the material in this level, they will be able to dance with any partner on any sized dance floor and to any tempo of music.

Silver Program

The silver level is for the person who wishes to become an expressive, polished dancer distinguished by versatility and style on the dance floor. Silver dancers always stand out, not just because of the intricate steps they are able to dance, but because of their confidence and poise, the way they carry themselves and their ability to maneuver in a crowd. This is the beginning of a more professional style and look on the dance floor.

Gold Program

The Gold level dancer is an outstanding dancer. Gold is the highest level an amateur dancer can achieve. To a non-dancer, the Gold dancer may be mistaken for a professional, because they have the ability to convey emotion through dance, not only to their partners but to others who are watching them. To dance with emotion is very, very difficult and requires a complete and thorough knowledge of the dances, their character and all techniques associated with them.