Yes, You Can Go to Dance Lessons Without a Partner

We talk about a lot of the positive aspects of our Fred Astaire Dance Studio – the creative outlet in dance, the parties, our terrific instructors and classes in ballroom dance.

Today we want to emphasize another hidden positive – you don’t need a partner to come to our studio and take part in our wonderful activities. When you attend our functions or take lessons, there are plenty of other folks there in exactly the same situation – and they often form a bond and new friendships.

The Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, discovered exactly this. Here’s a bit from their blog about how a group of widows rediscovered joy and friendship:

“Ballroom dance truly can make a difference in someone’s life. Take the story of these four women, all widows, who came to dance and ended up staying for the camaraderie and friendship they found here.

“When Uda Shallop, Barb Stawick, Patty Levinson and Michelle Allen come together for dance lessons, they do a bit of dancing, a lot of talking and linger over food and drink post-lesson. These ballroom dance lessons have been the women’s reawakening after the loss of their husbands in a way none of them expected but all of them now cherish.

“At a time of year that can be incredibly challenging for people who have recently lost a loved one, Fred Astaire Dance Studio is providing a unique sense of belonging for a tight group of widows. According to U.S. Census Bureau data from 2012, there were more than 14 million widowed people in the U.S., more than 11 million of whom were women.

“Studies say widowhood is one of the most distressing and difficult experiences, with little to no peer group for younger widows. Aside from the inherent emotional challenges that come with such a loss, there is often a financial strain that accompanies widowhood, research shows.”

Your St. Petersburg North studio prides itself on friendliness and a sense of family. We’d like to extend our sympathies to those who are newly single and invite them to try our “4 for $40” which includes three dance lessons and one practice party.

It’s not easy to get back into the social swing. But eventually you must take that first step. Why not make it a dance step with people with whom you will have much in common? And why not at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of St. Pete North?

Come on and dance with us. We promise you won’t dance alone.