Fall Festival is Here!

We’ve got a murder to solve and we need your help! Students, put your detective caps on and join us for our Fall Festival, beginning September 3rd and running through September 21st, when we hold our 1940’s Murder Mystery Party!

Here’s the plot: one of the FADS Pros have murdered the Studio Owner over the weekend and the body was found Monday morning. The ‘detectives’, AKA our students, will be given clues each time they attend something at the studio in order to solve the mystery!

Fall Festival gives you the chance to become eligible for discounted lessons, weekly prizes, special discounts on upcoming events, and access to our Festival events!

Too good to be true? It is too good, but it is true! And nothing is too good for our students! There will be intrigue, sleuthing and plenty more to pique your interest.

Here is the schedule:

Sept 6: Salsa Dancing & Tacos at Arjon’s

Sept 10 & 11: Bonus Group Classes at 8pm

Sept 21: Dance Mania- This is a day full of Group Dance Circuits and mini private sessions with FADS San Antonio Pros starting at 1pm at the Stone Oak studio

Sept 21: 1940’s Murder Mystery Party at Stone Oak studio. Social Dancing, snacks, cocktails, performances, raffle, and Detectives turn in their final suspect. Murder is Solved.

First things first, though. We’ve got a murder mystery to solve, dancing and tacos to enjoy, and bonus group classes to attend!

Contact the studio or your instructor for more information and get ready for some exciting times.