Swing Into Spring on the Dance Floor!

Spring is in the air!

But don’t you go springing in the air. Not yet. First, you need to join us at the Stone Oak studio to tone your bod and get ready for all of that springing.

We’re kicking off Health Fest on Monday, March 11, and we will continue through March 22 with a focus on taking care of ourselves … by dancing!

This Festival is structured around the four pillars of health – emotional, mental, physical and social. Dance is exceptionally therapeutic in every way and can be the foundation of your wellness regimen.

Dance offers a nice, compact workout when you dance vigorously (think salsa). A bit of stretching afterward is also beneficial. Physical activity releases endorphins, hormones that make you feel better – that’s a nice byproduct of your time on the dance floor. Feeling good about your body helps you relax and perk up mentally, and it’s also a great break from the computer, the cell phone and all of hurry-up of everyday life. Dancing with your fellow students at the studio, and taking part in our practice parties and events, helps build a social circle of people who enjoy the same things as you.

While you are taking part in Health Fest, how about adding something new to your dance portfolio? Our March Special offers a great opportunity to do exactly that – with two private, 30-minute introductory lessons for $40. What a wonderful time to learn an unfamiliar step and explore more of the ballroom dance world. Pretty sweet!

Come and join us for Health Fest and build a healthier, happier you. And introduce yourself to some dance styles you haven’t tried with our March Special. You’ll be glad you did.