Austin Jauregui – New Student Specialist, Advanced Specialist

Austin was born in San Antonio and raised in Austin, Texas. Growing up he was very active in sports, before getting into the Ballroom world he was playing football at Adams University in Lake Travis.

“I developed a passion for performances and began studying in acrobatics. I worked for various Entertainment and Performing Arts companies for several years before starting my career in ballroom dance. I’ve also directed my own ensemble performances including choreography, costumes and lighting.  I love using my knowledge of acrobatic lifts and body mechanics in ballroom dance”

Austin has previous experience teaching ballroom in Austin, Texas, where he received several new teacher accolades. He is excited to join the talented Fred Astaire family, and is already making connections, and bringing the joy of dance to new students.

He has expressed that competing in the “Theater Arts” division at Fred Astaire competitions is his professional dance goal. If you spend any time with the 6’ 7” Texan, you will quickly understand how the familiar Dr. Seuss quote “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” is how he lives life!