Kaylee Fazio – New Student Specialist, Wedding Specialist, & Advanced Teacher

Born and raised in San Antonio, Kaylee has been dancing since she could walk. With a classical background, some of her fondest childhood memories were of the moments her Grandfather, Tommy, and her danced in the garage. Her grandfather is the driving force behind her passion for dance. She has been on the social scene in San Antonio since she turned 16, and loves the freedom that dance brings her to express herself.

Kaylee was approached by one of our very own FADS Professional’s, Anthony, to join our training class. She was eager to find her place among the Fred Astaire Team, so she took the leap, and joined the training class. Shortly after joining our Professional team, she was already brightening peoples days with her genuine smile and caring soul.

“I love helping people feel great about accomplishing things, and being able to use dance as the venue to accomplish this is such a blessing” Kaylee explains why she is passionate about her career.