Weekly Series: Get To Know Your FADS Team!

Each week we’ll be asking the members of our Stone Oak team a question to help you get to know us better!

We’re kicking off August with this question: “What is your Spirit Animal, and why?”



Grey Wolf because I am a leader of a great pack, but I also enjoy going ‘Lone Wolf’ from time to time.


Deer because they are delicate, graceful, have a strong intuition, and are determined with a gentle touch.


Alpha Wolf because I have an appetite for freedom within a pack while still thinking of what’s best for the group, I am guided by a strong instinct & intuition, and I have a passion to lead with compassion


Tortoise because it  grows and goes at its own speed. It is unencumbered by the “rat race” that tends to go on around it and simply lives life completely at its own pace. Some may see the the tortoise as slow moving but this creature which can live to be over 150 years old tend to be the smartest amongst its reptilian family members; outliving, and out growing all of them.

As a natural introvert the tortoise carries everything that it needs with it, creating a strong independence which allows it to engage with others out of desire instead of necessity.
I find that the tortoise as a spirit animal teaches the importance of finding peace and fulfillment through focusing on self and knowing that everything I could possibly need to live, thrive, and grow is, and has always been inside of me.


Spirit Animal: Bull (like my sign)
Because a bull is confident, laid back, patient and sometimes stubborn and hold their ground.


my spirit animal is a mute swan… “They are relatively gentle creatures, but are very protective in defending their territory and their young. Many birds have an instinct to protect their young, but they will eventually give up if the predator is too strong. The swan however, does not give up. The tranquil and graceful appearance of these birds masks their aggressive nature.”


Otter because it relies a lot on it’s environment as an aquatic animal. The otter is a symbol of creativity, fluidity, and transitions. Very social creature! Relies on it’s family to keep it warm & safe from drifting away. They also like to collect shiney things, and they’re fun and silly.


Bunny because they’re very approachable, and would rather eat a carrot than get into a fight.