Dance the Night Away at Prom with Dance Lessons!

Dance Lessons for Teens - Prom dance lessons - Tampa dance studioCalling all teens (and their parents) …

Prom season is underway and there’s a lot more to having fun on that memorable night than simply wearing a gown or tuxedo and riding in a limo.

There’s dancing, actual ballroom dancing.

So teens (and mom and dad), why not get a jump on looking great on the dance floor with our prom special for juniors?

We’re holding weekly group classes for $10 a person. Bring a partner and we will do the rest! We’ll even have a pre-prom rehearsal night so that all of those new dance moves can be tested and perfected before the big evening.

Come on in, sign up and we’ll sweeten the pot even more with other special offers!

Proms create such beautiful memories and dancing is a big part of proms. Look, feel and be your best on the dance floor on a night that will stick with you forever. Stop by your Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Tampa to join us or to get further information.