Winter Festival Is Here!

How Does it Work?

Every artistic field has an award which is used to honor the outstanding members of its industry. The Fred Astaire Dance Studios have the Freddy Awards. It is truly the highest honor that can be bestowed upon your instructor. Since 2004, we have had both a regional and national Freddy Award. Your instructors are honored every January for the Southeastern region, and in April, nationally. In order to be eligible for a Freddy Award, an instructor must have accumulated a minimum of 175,000 points during the year. These points are determined by efficiency reports on the following accomplishments:

  1. Number of classes taught
  2. Groups and parties attended by their students
  3. The number of students qualifying and enrolling in Trophy level programs
  4. The number of students presented at dance competitions and showcases
  5. The number of students attending dance clubs and pleasure trips
  6. The number of guests their students bring in

The last one seems to be most difficult. In order to qualify for a Freddy Award, an instructor must have a minimum of 25 guests per year. That is why your instructor obnoxiously asks you during every lesson to please invite a friend to the party!  You will be surprised at how many people want to take dancing lessons but are too shy to come to the studio alone.

Big Apple Christmas festival brochure (2) doc correct one-page-002.jpgcroppedWhat Can You Do?

During the next 4 weeks attend as many activities as you possibly can to help your instructor qualify for this prestigious award. And, in doing so, you will be joining in some of the most exciting and fun-filled parties you have ever attended. We promise you will not be disappointed!

This Year’s Theme:

Start spreading the news…It’s WINTER FESTIVAL! Welcome to New York, where they say the neon lights are bright, and there’s always magic in the air. So, tell all the gang at 42nd street that we will soon be there, celebrating past achievements and planning future goals for the next 6 months. These vagabond shoes will be dancing through the streets, taking extra lessons, attending group classes and parties, playing games and enjoying daily themes. You’ll be the king of New York! We’re gonna wake up in the city that never sleeps and we’ll find you’re #1, top of the list, earning points and Freddy Bucks along the way. So, the more come to group classes, parties, dress up activities, the more you accumulate point to win in the studio. The more you do, the more you win, don’t waste more time, get in a New York state of mind. Your guests might like to get away, and take a holiday from the neighborhood, so bring them in for a big apple bonus!! Help your teacher become king of the hill by sponsoring them in the regional festival contest! It’s up to you, New York… New York!

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