Join Us For Our 15th Annual Stage Show!

Dance Around the World ShowcaseChristmas is over and so is New Years.  There’s nothing much going on…or so you think! Happy January 21st!  It’s time for “Dance Around the World”.

Each year the students and teachers of the Tarrytown Fred Astaire Dance Studio celebrate the magic of ballroom dance with an extravaganza of foxtrots, salsas, rumbas and show dances.

This year’s show – “Dance Around the World” – has been created by three award winning choreographers to take us on the trip around the world through different countries and cultures with the help and magic of ballroom dance.

So come along with us on this journey.  It will be a night to remember!

You can buy tickets at the studio or on-line at the Tarrytown Music Hall website:

Location:           Tarrytown Music Hall

Date:                   Saturday, January 21st

Time:                   7 pm

Ticket Price:     $33