Ashley Mokris – (Dance Director and Certified Professional Dance Instructor)

Ashley was first introduced to dancing when she started taking ballet, jazz and modern lessons as a little girl. She took her dance skills to the ice skating rink at the age of 8 and became an ice dancer. As part of her training she took ballroom dance lessons and fell in love right away. After years of skating and dance lessons, she was intrigued by partner dancing. She slowly started getting more involved and by college she was competing in swing and lindy style competitions. Ashley joined the Fred Astaire team in 2009. She quickly became the top teacher at regional and national competitions. In 2012, she moved to Trumbull where she became studio manager and in 2017 accepted her new position as Dance Director. Besides being a full time teacher and manager, Ashley still follows her dream of competing professionally.  Ashley and current dance partner compete all over the US in American Open Smooth; where they are recognized as rising stars in the nation. Previously she has been named 2017 Galaxy Professional Rising Star Open Smooth Champions,  2017 Can-Am DanceSport Gala Professional Rising Star Open Smooth Champions in Toronto, and Fred Astaire CCDC National Rising Star Open Smooth Champions in Texas. In May 2017,with her former partner made history when they traveled overseas to Blackpool, England. There they were semi-finalists in the first international Open Smooth division at the prestigious Blackpool Dance Festival, placing 9th out of 42 couples. In 2019 Ashley and Marko Urosevic are currently American Smooth Cross Country Dance Champions as well as Capital Smooth Dancesport Champions 2019. Together they have also won numerous regional competition events in multiple dance categories such as Smooth and American Rhythm.