We’re Bringing the Heat with our Latin Dance Special

May 27, 2016

Tucson - Latin Dance Special product imageThe sun isn’t the only hot thing in Tucson this summer. We’re bringing the heat at your Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Tucson with our “Sizzling Latin Summer Special.”

We’re offering a special package of lessons that will get you moving and enjoying Latin dance. You’re going to love this because Latin dancing is hot, it’s sultry and it provides both a great social experience and exercise as well.

Known for its sensual hip movements and flirtatious flair, Latin dance continues to grow in popularity. It is a fixture of ballroom dancing. And learning Latin dances is not as difficult as you might think because the dances generally consist of the same basic steps, with other playful and fun moves.

Here’s the deal: You get six dance lessons (two rumba, two cha-cha and two salsa), which you can purchase through our website. The price: $475 for six lessons with our top-rated dance professionals.

Latin dancing is hot! And it’s cool. There’s a reason the rumba is known as “the dance of love” and you will soon find out why.

With a few lessons, you too will be sweeping across the dance floor with ease and style, turning heads with your grace and agility. You will build closeness with your dance partner as you dance in a closed, tight position, and then swing out athletically while holding only one another’s hand.

Take advantage of this fabulous offer now. Let some of that summer heat fire up your social life with our “Sizzling Latin Summer Special.”

Your Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Tucson offers the best in private and group dance lessons in all forms of ballroom dance – not just Latin, but the foxtrot and the waltz as well. We serve the greater Tucson area proudly! Come and join us for a sizzling summer you won’t forget.

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2 Private Dance Lessons + 2 Movie Tickets to Roadhouse Cinema!!

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