Wayne and Marie Corso

Studio Owners

Have culminated their long and varied careers into the ownership and operation of a Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Tucson. What a wonderful vehicle Ballroom Dancing is to bring value to students, couples, and society as a whole. The spirit of Fred Astaire’s drive for excellence, and the impact of his art on American culture have been an inspiration and an ideal to which we can all aspire. Our backgrounds in music, teaching and dance, coupled with our standard of excellence in providing customer service and value drive our lives and our business. Come experience a slice of the ideal.

Oleksiy Varyvoda – Dance Director

Mr. Varyvoda has a distinguished career as a competitive dancer, coach, performer and adjudicator in his native Ukraine and internationally.  During that period, he has received sustained national and critical acclaim and achieved extraordinary accomplishments at the highest levels within the national and international dance community.

As a dancer, Mr. Varyvoda achieved outstanding successes in national and international dance events.  He is certified by the Ukrainian Dance Sport Association in International Standard and Latin; American Smooth and Rhythm.

As a coach, Mr. Varyvoda is certified as an International Dance Instuctor by the World Dance Council (WDC) and the International Dance Sport Association (IDSA) and has demonstrated coaching excellence by the success of his students from both “Grace” Club (Israel) and “Legends” (Ukraine) in national and international competitions.

Mr. Varyvoda is also a certified and active adjudicator of the highest level in the Ukrainian Dance Sport Association (UDSA) and International Dance Sport Association (IDSA).

Olya Rude – Certified Dance Instructor

Olya Rude is a spirited and adventuresome soul whose parents directed that unrelenting energy to dance from the age of 12 in her home city of Mykolaiv, Ukraine.  She fell in love with the art; originally learning Ballet and Waltz, she started competing in European style ballroom dance, and won various awards all over the country.  She also learned the traditional Ukrainian Cossack folk dance “гопак”.  She has competed in ten styles of Latin and standard dances however her favorite is Paso Doble.  We are thrilled to have her happy energy in our studio.

Brigitte L’estairre – Marketing Advisor

Brigitte has joined Fred Astaire Tucson as area marketing advisor.  She brings her extensive background as a member of High Society, former Fashionista, and advisor to the Stars (She even knows several French words!).  Says Brigitte “Ballroom dance is the ultimate in cultured behavior…..and where else can you get that close to a man in public?”  Follow Brigitte, as she keeps us up to date on events at Fred Astaire Tucson and her views on cultured life in general.