2016 Northeast Dancesport Championships – Benefits of Ballroom Dance

Winter is coming!  That means the 2016 Northeast Dancesport Championships is almost here!

NJ NORTHEAST NOV 2016_1, Northeast Dancesport Championships,
2016 Northeast Dancesport Championships. Friday Night Features NY-NJ Top Professionals Competing. Here are some of New Jersey’s finest.

Early each winter, we like to kick off the season with our NY/NJ Regional Northeast DanceSport Championships, held at the cozy Hanover Marriott in Whippanny, NJ.

At Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios®, we offer a number of ways to integrate dancing into your life.  In addition to dance lessons, group classes, practice parties and formals, many of our students find the thrill of Ballroom and Latin Dancesport to be the key to becoming the best dancer they can be.

Our Regionals are a way for our students to gauge their dancing against other dancers in their age and dance category.  Competitions are a wonderful key performance indicator to actually see your growth as a dancer – both in pictures, videos and results.





Session #1 begins Friday November 11, 2016 around 9:00 AM, which gives our American Smooth Dancers a chance to show their skills.  Friday Afternoon features our Latin Division, followed by a buffet for full package holders.

Friday Evening – Session #2 begins Friday, November 11 around 7pm and features all our Ballroom/Standard Scholarships, Pro/Am Novelty, Formation and Solo Divisions, and is the much anticipated PROFESSIONAL DIVISIONS.  The reason we encourage you to compete is because WE KNOW competing makes you stronger.  Almost all of our New Jersey teachers will be competing in this event, so you’ll want to purchase your tickets early!  Let us reserve a table!  Get your tickets at Upper Montclair and help us cheer on Tim & Kaitlin and Erik & Margarita!  Then join us for a drink to celebrate the day.  But don’t stay out and party too late! Your teachers have to dance bright and early tomorrow.

Saturday Morning Session #3 (9:00 AM),  all our American Rhythm Single Dances, Scholarships and Championships take place. Not competing this winter?  Now’s a good time to become a spectator and check out your competition!

Our Saturday Night Festivities include a Grand Banquet, (black-tie optional) and features a professional show by world-renowned dancers of all different genres. This year’s show stars World Latin Finalists Manuel Favilla & Natalia Maidiuk.


Need more convincing?  Competing can:

  • Help you with your vision
  • Help set more productive goals
  • Inspire you to work harder
  • More focused
  • Build Stamina
  • Give you a reason to dance this weekend
  • Improve your poise, posture and self-confidence
  • Make your social dancing better and more enjoyable
  • Inspire you to take more coaching, thus improving faster
  • Meet a deadline
  • Earn respect from your peers, family and audience
  • Turn your hobby (dancing) into a passion
  • Develop Memories that will last a lifetime
  • Give you a great story to tell your kids and grandkids
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase Energy
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Stimulate your mind, like sudoku or cross-word puzzles
  • Meet people who love what you love
  • Become the best leader/foll0wer/dancer everyone knows.
Manuel Favilla and Natalie Maidiuk
World Latin Finalists Manuel Favilla & Natalia Maidiuk – featured in our Saturday Night Showcase during the 2016 Northeast Dancesport Championships

Join us for an action packed

weekend and see for yourself why we choose Fred Astaire again and again and again!

For more information about why to compete click here.

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Northeast Dancesport Championships

NY/NJ Fred Astaire Regional Competition

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