Benefits of Dance

 Benefits of Dance

Dancing, specifically, ballroom dancing, allows you to connect with another human being. Physically and mentally. Even if you don’t have a partner, you connect with your teacher. And if you’re like half the people who take lessons for the first time, you return, week after week. Connecting with your teachers, with your new friends at the studio. Weekly, For years. There are books out there about the innate desire for humans to have a human experience, searching for that connection. (Hey, if they don’t want dance lessons, that book would make a great gift!)

New Friends
Once you’ve established yourself as a fixture at your studio, you make new friends. You see the same people week after week, and one day you strike up a conversation about art, politics, kids, tango, the merits of your teacher, and BAM, the next thing you know you’re having monthly dinner outings with your new-found friends. And often your new friends trump your old friends. Sorry old friends. That’s just the way it goes.


Ok, so we’re not therapists, we dance teachers, but you’d have to convince some students that we aren’t at least as good as their life-coach or yoga teacher. Weekly Ballroom lessons get your mind off your troubles. Period. And your dance teachers now know about your sick dog, your aging dentist, your doctor who retired, the cancer scare, your kids’ report card and your shingles. And we care. And we’ll remember. And for 40 minutes or so, you’ll forget.

Whether you could get a gig on THE BIGGEST LOSER and can barely walk a mile, or you’re a gym enthusiast looking for the next fitness craze, ballroom can be great exercise. Compare a foxtrot and a salsa. Anyone can do it. And everyone can benefit. Dancing burns calories. Watch the magazines this holiday season. “How to burn off the holiday weight” I guarantee you’ll find at least 5 mentions of some form of ballroom for cardio.

Stress Relief
I could explain the benefits of physical exercise and the rise of endorphins, serotonin levels, etc. But if you’ve read this far you probably understand all that.

Ok, now, if you want to read more about the benefits of ballroom, do your own google search. Now I’ll just list some more, otherwise I’ll start thinking I’m an author too!
What to Buy
If you purchase an Introductory Program as a gift, your friend, parent or loved one will get a chance to explore the world of ballroom dance in just a few short weeks, and they can make a decision for themselves if they’d like to continue. At the Fred Astaire of Upper Montclair, our Introductory Program is 2 private lessons and 1 group class, and it’s only $99.

If you’d like to talk about the perfect gift for your loved one, feel free to give us a call at 973-783-8999 Monday-Friday from 1-10 PM. Or send an email to If you don’t live near Montclair, NJ, visit for the studio nearest you.

Need more benefits?  The benefits of dance lessons are endless, but here are our most common:

  • Build Stamina
  • Increase opportunities to go out dancing
  • Happiness
  • Improve your poise, posture
  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Overall self-improvement
  • Improve focus
  • Combat fatigue
  • You’ll probably stick to your diet or exercise program, knowing you have a dance lesson coming up
  • Turn dancing into a passion
  • Develop memories.  Memories that will last a lifetime
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Meet people who love what you love
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase energy
  • Stimulate your mind, like sudoku or cross-word puzzles
  • Develop circulatory system
  • Reduce heart rate
  • Studies by the American Heart Association showed that the amount of oxygen their lungs pumped into the bloodstream rose by 18 percent in cardiac patients who ballroom danced.
  • Dancing reduces stress levels and decreases levels of depression. Ballroom dancing also reduces cortisol, a hormone associated with stress. Dancing releases endorphins which affects your mood and lifts your spirits.
  • Dancing with a partner has more positive affects than dancing alone.
  • Get the look of confidence! Dance encourages good posture and body alignment, and will strengthen your body’s core abdominal muscles.
  • You’ll burn calories without even realizing. Recent studies have shown that Waltzing three times per week is better than the same amount of time on a treadmill or exercise bike.
  • Dancing is a great social activity. Meet new people who share a common interest!
  •  You can discover a new passion and joy in your life at any age.
  • Ballroom dancing will make you stronger, happier, healthier, and smarter. It will bring you joy.

Start enjoying the benefits of dance – book your Introductory Lesson by calling the

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