Group Classes For Fun and Fitness

What’s the fastest way to improve your social dancing?  Dance more! That’s why in August we added more group classes.

LaBlast® – aerobic, weight training, cardio and fat buster danced to your favorite dances

Legs and Feet – stretch, strengthen, point, flex and build a stronger, more attractive base in all your dances

Beginner – Someone who’s taken 2-10 lessons already

Social – Someone enrolled on a Social Foundation Program

Practice Party – Free to all our active students and a perfect time and place to bring a guest.


  • MONEY (read this) (all of it)
And the survey says, the number one reason you should take group classes is MONEY.  You’ll save money by learning in group classes.  We can teach groups for less money than private lessons, and that money goes right back to you.  By learning new steps in DANCE CLASS, you enable your private lesson teacher to get right into the REFINING PROCESS.  If you’re constantly learning new steps in your private lessons, you’ll end up spending twice as much, because learning new steps takes time!  If you come with the new step and (gasp! again) actually practiced or TRIED to practice it before your lessons, your teacher can work out the bugs very quickly and start teaching you how to express the new material, how to make it feel authentic, how to relax while you’re dancing it, and how to present the step with (pardon us) your best foot forward. 

Your group class is a chance for you to meet and mingle with other dancers with the same program as you.  As you’re learning new steps, you’ll also meet new people that have similar interests and go to all the swanky places you go to.  When you come for our THURSDAY NIGHT PARTIES you’ll automatically have doubled, tripled or QUADRUPLED YOUR DANCE PARTNER OPTIONS.  Studies show (real important, scientific studies) that people who progress through programs together, people who take group classes SEEK OUT THOSE PARTNERS in practice sessions and say “hey, twinkle-toes, let’s try that jazzy new foxtrot step we learned Monday night.” Rumor has it even relationships have BLOOMED because of group class friendships.  But that’s just rumor.
And speaking of SOCIAL NETWORKING BALLROOM STYLE, you can use our social networking sites like to see if your friends are going to class tonight,  or tweetthat you’re “going to get your groove on at Fred Astaire”  or “big party at freddy’s tonight – don’t miss it – all the cool people will be there”  Then your friends will think you have a secret, think you’re cooler, and will sign up and CHA-CHA-CHING! $$$$$$ you get free lessons!!!!!! (Get it, Cha-cha.  Oh gosh I’m on a roll!)
  • Bring it!
If you have a competitive nature, group classes are for you!  Check out Sandy Samba – she started two months after you!  How come she’s so much better? This will reportedly make you work harder.  (If your name is Tim, it already has).  Bring out your inner-rivalrous champion and aggressively learn that Tango.  Be better than her next week!
  • Change it up!
All the instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studio are superior teachers.  Every one of us, all of us, all of them, have something brilliant they are DYING to tell you about your dancing.  Who knows, it just might be the key that you’ve been looking for, to unlock all your inner Astaire, J-Lo or Gene Kelly finesse.  If you only take lessons from ONE TEACHER you are missing the amazing benefits of learning from a collective pool of knowledge.  Seriously, our teachers are fountains of ballroom information.  Shake it up, so you don’t get bored, boring, addicted, enabled or fizzle-out with one teacher.  
  • Balance
Face it, if you can’t dance a step by yourself, you’re not going to be the belle of the ball.  And you might find a swarm of Sadies who say “see ya, no thanks” when you ask them to dance. By learning in a group class setting you’ll learn your steps thoroughly by yourself — you’ll learn to twist, turn, spin, spot and trip the light fantastic without spilling over onto your partner.  Your partners will thank you for it.  You’ll be the one EVERYONE wants to dance with.
  • Confidence
Once you know your steps, you know your steps.  You’ll feel better about yourself, you’ll feel more comfortable and less shy about your dancing. You’ll feel better because you know some people at your school, and you may even get a graduation certificate when you and all your fancy new friends pass from social to bronze, from bronze to silver and more.  Can you say GRADUATION PARTY!
Any and all.  Ask your instructor.
Why you don’t want to change partners in a ballroom group class, and why you should.
     You might be shy, or have decided that you came to the studio to spend more time with your partner, or feel like you can’t learn as fast as the rest of the class. You may not want others to see you struggle.  The fact is, everyone has difficulty at some point in the learning process.  Rotating parters can actually give you CONFIDENCE when you discover that Mr. Smith has trouble with timing, and you don’t, or that Ms. Cooper has trouble with directional movement and you don’t.  You’ll develop empathy for sure!
     Experience shows the couples who ROTATE partners in group classes tend to learn faster, have less difficulty dancing together, and certainly argue less! Rotating partners allows you to feel what the step should feel like with a wider-range of skill levels.  You might be the best in the class, but if you can’t follow the worst student in a group, you’ve got work to do!  Changing partners can allow you to see that you may be leading or following incorrectly.  You may discover that you aren’t a strong enough leader, or that you’re too strong.  You may discover that in fact, you’ve been leading your husband in every dance, and have finally decided to stop.  
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