Kid’s Dance Classes


sadie back to school niche ad_1  Beginning October 1, 2015


Our children’s dance classes are designed to enrich your child’s life and nurture a love of dance. The benefits of dance lesson for children are endless: self-confidence, coordination, connecting left to right brain activity, grace, style, a sense of belonging, team-spirit, individuality. Taking dance lessons will make your child feel special. No adult ever regretted taking dance lessons as a child. Our kid’s dance classes will be fun and challenging.  We are focused on strong fundamentals and a solid foundation with good technique, peppered with expression and passion.

 Children come to team practice twice a week.  Tuition is based on the month, $160 a month on 4-wk months, $200 a month on 5-week months. Kid’s choose between social ballroom/latin on Monday and Friday, or Contemporary/Cheer/Street on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Contemporary Teams

 MINIS Tuesday 4:45 (1st grade and under)

Children in Pre-K, Kindergarten –  5-6 year olds

 FREDS Tuesday 5:30 (6th grade and under)

7/8 year old to 12

 GINGERS Tuesday 6:15  (12th grade & under)  13-18 years old

 Social Ballroom Teams

 MONDAY AND FRIDAY AT 5:30 – all ages


Payments made after the 6th of the month will be charged a $25 late fee.

Fred Astaire is open Monday- Friday from 1-10PM.  Call us at 973-783-8999 for more information!