Fred Astaire Dance Studio, dance lessons near Bloomfield, NJ

Fred Astaire Dance Studios Mission Statement: to enrich the lives of anyone and everyone associated with our company. 

Looking for the closest and best dance studio near Bloomfield?  Our Bloomfield, NJ area dance studio provides dance instruction in private and group dance classes for every level dance, from the “two left feet” crowd to the advanced competitor. We also offer practice parties to help you get your bearings on the dance floor in social situations. Whatever your dancing goals, our priority is to teach you to absorb and retain dance steps and dances as quickly as possible, so you begin to feel confident on the dance floor. 

Our Little Falls area dance studio is staffed with certified, professional experts to coach you along your dancing journey.  Whether you want to be simply competent or super charismatic on the dance floor, we can custom make a dance lesson program to suit your needs.

We look forward to helping to enrich your life.  Call today.  973-783-8999