Mark – Owner

Where are you from? Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, grew up on the south side of Indianapolis

Bio: Mark has been a dance educator since 1981, and has been a business owner since 1987. He has competed on a professional level, has won many top teacher awards, and is a certified dance teacher.   Mark purchased the Fred Astaire Franchise model first in Indianapolis in 2008. The reason that he changed from and independent studio owner to the franchise model was mostly for his teachers to give them real careers and give them the opportunity of upward mobility offered within the Fred Astaire organization. He also joined Fred Astaire for the integrity and character of the Fred Astaire franchise model and the network it provide in establishing a service business that provides world-class service and is lasting in the community. Because he enjoys the Fred Astaire organization, he has purchased two additional franchises in northwest Indiana, one in Schererville and one in Valparaiso

Goals: To bring up the next generation of dance teachers, professional dancers, managers and owners to perpetuate Fred Astaire Dance Studios, and to continue to plant new studios with qualified staff.

Hobbies: Walking my dogs (two great danes named “Fred” and “Ginger”), hiking, spending time on the beach, learning/continued education, and martial arts

Favorite quote: “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Will Rogers

I love being in the dance industry because: I love the arts and I love sharing my passion for dance with other people, especially the young professionals, to let them know that this is a real career.