The Importance of Consistency!

consistency-is-keyIt is said that the only reason people forget information is because time passes between their repeated exposure to it.

When too much time lapses from one dance lesson to the next, life’s clutter makes it harder for you to remember some of the material you were introduced to.

The result?  Your teacher must go back over and review some of the previous lesson points to help you get back up to speed.

Learning to dance, like all learning, requires that lessons be close together, especially at the start. We know adults make up the majority of our student
body — adults who have important commitments & responsibilities in their daily lives. That’s the reason that we encourage a balance: one that serves life’s demands while still meeting your goal to become a good dancer.

When you minimize time lapses between one lesson and the next, you maximize your time, money and effort. In other words, you preserve your resources while becoming a better dancer!

You’ll learn significantly more in your first 3 or 4 lessons by keeping them close together in contrast to spacing them a week apart.

Once you’ve mastered basic skills and concepts, it will be possible to spread lessons further apart without sacrificing your learning. A firm foundation is the key to becoming a better dancer faster.