Give yourself a Mental Break and Dance!

The year 2020 has been an emotional rollercoaster for everyone. Life as we know it has been severely impacted and obviously this has left no one untouched.
Aside from the obvious Coronavirus health challenges, there is also the mental toll this pandemic has taken on many of us.
The constant fear of the unknown, the worry, the social isolation and of course the lack of physical movement are not to be underestimated.
So, what can you do for your mental health?
There is a great form of exercise out there that checks many of these boxes and doesn’t require a big gym (because who wants to go there in the middle of a pandemic), expensive equipment or the outdoors- Ballroom Dancing!

According to the CDC Mental and Physical health are equally important, and Ballroom Dancing lets you target both.

Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and mood problems can all be helped by dancing. In fact, numerous studies have proved that individuals improved these conditions and experience a boost in overall mood, positivity and happiness while dancing. That’s something to smile about! Conquering the challenges presented in dance lessons trickles to all areas of life (social, professional, self) and gives students the feeling that they can accomplish anything.
Learning different foot patterns and body movements also requires your brain to make new connections and strengthens certain areas of your brain (there are even studies on how ballroom dancing can help people with Alzheimer). You will work your body, your brain, AND have fun!
Learning to dance requires your full attention, taking your mind off of those things you do not need or want to be thinking about all the time. This is another facet of stress relief and challenging your mind and body. You will benefit from a mental break because you are relieving your stress, learning something new and challenging yourself.
For the sake of your mental well-being and stress levels, dancing is a great thing to do for yourself!
So contact the Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Warwick to get started today!