Rogelio Garcia – Instructor / Owner

Rogelio is a high energy, encouraging and supportive individual that has brought the love for dancing to many people since 2002 when he joined the Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Glastonbury, CT. He began his dancing endeavors at a very early age in his native country of Cuba.
His career at the Fred Astaire dance studio grew as he realize the many benefits that teaching will bring into people’s lives and through his passion for dancing, perseverance and professionalism he earned many top teacher awards in both regional and national levels. His success as a teacher encouraged him to move to the Mystic, CT area to open a Fred Astaire Dance Studio in 2007. A short time later his studio became one of the top studios in New England where he constantly earned top studio and teacher awards.
Rogelio believes in sharing his love for dancing everywhere he goes. This passion has now brought him and his wife Juliet, together as an incredible high-energy team that has opened the door to a new Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Warwick, RI. The excitement level is something you’ve never felt before!
Rogelio encourages you to visit Fred Astaire Dance Studio’s newest location in Warwick, RI and put him to the test. He is as excited and passionate about dancing today as he was the very first day he stepped on to a dance floor. Don’t wait any longer to come dancing!