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Share the Gift of Dance!

A wonderful gift for young & old…. Dance Lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Warwick

Are you looking for something creative and fun? Something out of the ordinary? A unique gift?  We have what you are looking for then!

Give the gift of dance! Our gift certificates are a great way to introduce someone to the joy of ballroom dancing. They are great for Holiday Presents, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, or simply just because!

This is the unique gift that will not be returned and it will last a lifetime!

When it comes to giving, most of us opt for a physical gift. Something that will delight our loved ones, something they can use, or something that makes them smile.

But, how often do we give a gift that just ends up as another piece of clutter that gets thrown out when the giftee is downsizing his or her home? Sure, while we may think it’s fabulous, but to someone else, that gift might just be another thing they have to store and clean around.

So instead of buying something that will end up cluttering up the house, this Gift will get your recipient out of the house and into some fun.

No matter if you are looking for dance lessons, dance apparel, dance CDs, the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Warwick is the place for your next Gift Certificate.

Gift Certificates for existing students also available

Call the studio for details on gift certificates for dance lessons! We would be more than happy to customize something for you. No matter what it is you are looking for, trust the Team at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Warwick to help you find the Perfect Gift!




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