Thank you to all the wonderful reviews we have received!

I’ve loved my experience with Fred Astaire! They really are the friendliest dance studio in town!  All of the instructors are acclaimed professional dancers who have performed on television and international competitions – AND – they are incredibly patient and skilled instructors. Originally, my fiancé and I came to Fred Astaire to learn the rumba for our first dance, and after two lessons, we were hooked! When you dance, you grow such a strong connection with your partner, and it has become an integral component of our relationship. It certainly helps that the instructors make me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I feel like no one is watching (even though we have a coach guiding us every step of the way!!)  I highly recommend Fred Astaire Warwick. My fiancé and I can’t say enough good things about this studio! It’s like walking into a real life Cheers!

-Janice Machado

“We are taking dance lessons to prepare for our “first dance” and found our new hobby here!  Juliet (our instructor) and Rogelio are skilled instructors and very fun to work with. They will help you learn various dance styles and tailor your lessons to your goals.  This is by far the most fun part of wedding planning!  There are quite a few couples here preparing for their wedding, or son or daughter’s upcoming weddings.  We highly recommend them if you’re looking for a dance studio or want to learn a new hobby that you can enjoy together into the future!”

-James & Gina S

“I started taking dance lesson in preparation for a wedding I will be attending this Fall. Little did I know how many wonderful people I would meet by taking that first step with an intro class. I first met Rogelio Garcia in that introductory class who taught us dancing is as simple as walking. He put everyone at ease and had us dancing in no time. I had my first beginner class with Martin Nikolov another great teacher who walked us thorough some basic dance steps. I had a great time in both classes and moved on to my private lessons. There I met the amazing Juliet Garcia who had me at hello. She has a wonderful infectious personality and a true love of both  dancing and teaching. I learn and grow with each class I take at Fred Astaire. Not only are the teachers great the other students make this studio a great place to learn. The students above my level know my challenges and are there with  encouragement and advice. The newer students are great because it helps me to see how far I have come and I can offer them encouragement. If you want to learn to dance and have fun this is the place to be. Outstanding teachers, great students and a fun atmosphere for learning”

-Mark G

“My wife and I have been highly satisfied with Fred Astaire instruction.  Juliet and Rogelio are a great team who teach you new dance steps, while providing insightful instruction to improve your dancing skills.  It’s a friendly, welcoming and always energetic atmosphere.  You get to dance with lots of other people and have a great time.”

-Dennis S

“This is such a fun place to learn so many different ballroom dances. The instructors are superb, encouraging me when I struggle. The other “students” in the group are friends and add to your instruction and fun in group lessons and the practice party. I am definitely addicted. This is an activity that will enrich relationships and is enjoyable for singles as well.”

-Donna G

“There’s a place in Warwick I love to go
The Fred Astaire Dance Studio
The stress and strife of daily life
Melt away as I rock step, box step, and corte
I’ve learned a lot, that much is true
I can fox trot, waltz, and salsa, too.
Three talented pros have guided me on
This wondrous journey of movement to song.
I owe so much to this tireless three
For bringing me joy as deep as the sea.
So tonight as I sit in a dance afterglow
Remembering dancing the fast and the slow,
I’ll play back my memories in a joyful video
Of my time at the Fred Astaire dance studio”
-Gail H