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Doreen Scheinpflug



Michael Chaves

Michael was born in Seattle, Washington and then moved to Colombia when he was 2. He started learning ballroom dancing in Colombia and lived there till her was 21. When he moved back to Seattle he kept dancing and started working at an independent studio. From there he began dancing on Salsa teams and performing all over the States. In 2012 he joined the Arthur Murray Ballroom studio, after a year there he decided to move to Florida joining The Fred Astaire Ballroom studio and has been enjoying it ever since.

Tanya Chaves









Tanya was born in Vancouver BC Canada. Ever since she was little, her parents always had her on stage performing, singing, and dancing. When she entered her teen years her parents moved her and her brothers to Wenatchee, Washington. She then danced and cheered until she was out of high school. When she turned 21 she moved back to Vancouver and danced and cheered professionally for the BC Sealions dance team. After a year she moved to Seattle where she became a professional Ballroom Instructor for 4 years through Arthur Murray. She then learned the joys of social dancing and also joined a salsa team. Now she is happily working in Fred Astaire Dance studio and loving every minute of it. During her teaching time at the West Palm beach location for 5 years she received Top Teacher Awards as well as numerous Placements with her husband and dance partner Michael Chaves at Regional and National competitions. We are very happy to have her join our Wellington Team in 2019 and share her knowledge ad smile with all of you.

Dance Instructor
Carlos Galdamez









Carlos was born in Oakland Park, Fl, he has been dancing since he was 15 starting off with Salsa school in Fort Lauderdale. He has training in Latin rhythm dances including salsa, bachata, Afro-Cuban, Cuban folkloric dances and hip-hop. Being part of Prestige Dance Company and Sikan Afro-Cuban dance project he has built a great rapport on musicality and music interpretation. Carlos was also part of many Salsa Congress events across the States and Mamboland in Europe. Entering his first few months in Ballroom Carlos placed Third in the Fred Astaire Regional mixed novas competition in August 2019. He has become an active member in his community as a Realtor as well as a professional Ballroom dancer in our new location in Wellington, along with a passion for cars. Continually training everyday he became an Instructor to pursue and enlighten his dancing career, educating and enriching peoples lives. Currently residing in the South Florida area teaching, training and having fun.

Dance Instructor
Ana Esquerre 

Ana was born in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. Having begun dancing at  the age of five, she has always had a passion for the Performing Arts. Since then she participated in talent shows, dance showcase, dance contests, festivals and dance teams. Entering her adolescent years she started choreography for Quince’s (Sweet 15, 16) among her friends and family. She quickly became involved in the dance world and has training in Ballet, Hip-hop, latin rhythm dances such as Salsa, Bachata, Afro-Cuban, Cuban Folkloric and traditional dances, and lastly Ballroom. Along her dancing Career she has experienced various dance events such as Salsa congress across the States and Mamoboland in Europe 2018.  Following later years she became part of Prestige Dance Company in Fort Lauderdale and Sikan Afro-Cuban dance project located in Miami,FL. Extensive training has made her to fall in love with dance everyday, and continues to strive to become a Professional Dancer and Instructor, including winning Second Place in mixed novas at the Fred Astaire Regional mixed novas competition in August 2019. Her hobbies include spending time with family, friends, the beach but most of all dancing. She now resides in sunny South Florida teaching and educating her students about dance, musicality and musical interpretation.